Spring Term 2020

Dear Parents/ Carers,


A very Happy New Year to you all, I hope you had a lovely Christmas break!


Our new topic for this term is People Who Help Us! We will be exploring lots of fiction/ non-fiction occupation themed books to help guide our topics alongside following the children’s interests. We will also be drawing on parent occupations and will be looking for any willing volunteers to come in and help inform and inspire the children!

We will also be learning about Chinese New Year, writing our names in Chinese symbols, using chopsticks and learning about the different animals.


Last term we completed Phase 2 phonics sounds and began looking at Phase 3. This term we will be carrying on with Phase 3 as well as planning interventions to revisit Phase 1 and 2 to make sure this is consolidated for all children before they move on. We will be placing an emphasis on blending and segmenting using their ‘robot hands’ and Jolly Phonics actions. This is a vital stepping-stone for children to eventually be able to spell words phonetically and attempt to write a short sentence. Please support at home whenever possible. If anyone would like any further ideas to help support please let me know J Please ensure children are reading their books weekly, children will retain a lot more by applying what they have learnt when reading. It is also useful if you can add a comment about how they got on in their reading record.

Our next Parents Work Share morning in February will be focused on phonics and reading. I am thinking of doing 2 separate events. Firstly, the parent workshare to focus on interaction with your child and trying out the difference activities. Secondly, a PowerPoint presentation in the hall a separate time to go through the foundations of phonics, how it is broken down and taught in our class and how you can mirror this at home. Please let me know if you think the separate PowerPoint would be helpful.


Physical Development is still extremely important this term. Children will continue to use a variety of tools/ medias to support their hand dexterity. Please continue partaking in fine motor activities at home whenever you can!


In Maths we will be focusing on measuring, weight and capacity; learning how to order objects by height, length and weight. We will also be consolidating 10-20 so the children are confident recognising teen numbers and ordering them. We will also be revisiting adding two groups together and those that are ready will be counting on from a higher number to solve addition.


General reminders

Thank you for your continued support with cooking money, we have plenty of exciting things to make and bake this term J

Please keep supporting your child to dress independently at home.



Many Thanks,


Miss Bourne & the EYFS Team

Priors Wood Reception Spring Term 1 Curriculum Overview