Attendance and Punctuality


If your child is not attending school for any reason you must inform the school on the first day of absence. If you know your child needs to miss school for a doctors, hospital or dental appointment then please write a note or call the office before the appointment date so that they can receive their attendance mark. If the absence is due to sickness or for any emergency medical appointment please telephone the school before 9am if possible. If your child is not in school, and we do not hear from you before 9.30 am, we will phone you directly.

It is vital that this is done on the first day of absence so that we will know immediately if a child is not expected at school. Illness is counted as authorised absence.

Parents will be given a report at the end of the year showing all absence. The Attendance Officer visits school regularly to monitor absence.

The Attendance Policy can be found on the website policy page


The school is required to keep a ‘Late Book’ in which the names of children who arrive after the attendance register has closed (generally five minutes after the start of the school day) must be entered together with the reason for lateness.