Prospective parents are encouraged to visit the school during the day to see the children happily taking part in a range of everyday activities. An appointment can be made with the office staff to meet the Head Teacher and to be shown round the school or Nursery.

 Under the current arrangements the LEA requires parents to make a new application for admission to the main school’s Reception Class even if the child already has a place in the Nursery.

 Reception (Primary) Admissions

For admission to the Reception Class parents will receive information from the Admissions Department at County Hall approximately one year before the expected year of admission. Parents are encouraged to apply on-line at  You can request an application form from the Admissions Department at Hertfordshire County Council if you are unable to apply on line.  The Admissions Department at County Hall process the applications and inform parents of their allocated school on-line and by post.

The applications process opens on 4th November 2019, and the deadline for applications is Wednesday 15th January 2020.  Please ensure that applications are made before the deadline as you are unlikely to be offered a place at your preferred school if you apply late

 In the Reception Class, children are admitted in September in the school year in which they have their fifth birthday.

Open mornings are available on the following dates:

Thursday 14th November 2019 @ 9.30am

Monday 25th November 2019 @ 9.45am

Tuesday 7th January 2020 @ 9.45am - Postponed until Friday 10th January at 1.30pm.

Please phone the school office on 01920 464135 or email to book a place.

If you have a query regarding applications please contact the school office, or you may contact  the Admissions Department at County Hall directly on 0300 123 4043

 Nursery Admissions

 For admission to the current Nursery class, parents will need to apply directly to the school office.

Please see below for the Nursery admissions timeline, application form and admissions policy.

 Nursery children are admitted to the Nursery in one intake.



Monday 9th December 2019 – Application system opens.

 January & February 2019 – Open mornings available on the following dates:

Thursday 16th January 2020 @ 9.30am

Monday 20th January 2020 @ 9.45am

Friday 7th February 2020 @ 9.30am 

Please phone the school office on 01920 464135 or email to book a place.

 Monday 10th February 2019 –  Application system closes.

11th February – 6th March 2019 –  School begins to compile allocation information.

 Monday 16th March 2020 – School makes offers to parents by email or post

Friday 3rd  April 2020 – deadline for parents to accept or decline places


Nursery places will be allocated following the same criteria as HCC for primary school allocations.


Please click here for the Nursery Application Form


  In-year Admissions

 For admissions to all other years parents contact Hertfordshire County Council on 0300 123 4043. The admissions team at HCC will allocate a place at a school of parents’ choice.  If there are no vacancies at any of the schools chosen by parents a place at the nearest school with a vacancy will be offered.