Headteacher - Rebecca Collins


  Deputy Headteacher & Year 6 Class Teacher - Ann Maclachlan


  SENCO & Behaviour Lead - Lorraine Macmurdie


  EYFS & KS1 Leader & Year1 Class Teacher - Maria Griffin


                                 Reception Class Teacher - Ali Bourne


  Early Years Practitioner - Katie Miller


                                Early Years Practitioner - Steph Anthony


 Early Years Practitioner - Amanda Lawrance


  Year 2 Class Teacher - Kayleigh Griffin


                                Teaching Assistant - Joanne Rough


  Year 3 Class Teacher - Joanne Botindari


                                 Year 3 Class Teacher - Claire Gray


  Learning Support Assistant - Isabelle Cooke


                                  Year 4 Class Teacher - Samantha Forrester


 Teaching Assistant- Debbie Blanchard


   Year 5 Class Teacher - Laura Watson


                                Teaching Assistant - Amy Collins


  Teaching Assistant - Rebecca Jones


  Nursery Teacher - Anna Ryan



 Early Years Practitioner - Michelle Kiernan

  Early Years Practitioner - Kerry Langley


  PE Sports Apprentice  - Kyle Stanley


  Spanish Teacher - Claire Watson


  Extended Provision Leader & Learning Support Assistant - Jeni Trupia

 Student Teacher - Jayne Taylor


  Site Manager - Lesley Presland


     Site Manager - Andrew Burtenshaw


  Deputy Midday Supervisor Assistant - Michelle Jones-Hughes


  Senior Midday Supervisor  & Learning Support Assistant- Donna Little


  Midday Supervisor Assistant - Lorna Cummines


Midday Supervisor Assistant & Learning Support Assistant-Gemma Horton


  Midday Supervisor  & Learning Support Assistant-Susan Pearmain


  Midday Supervisor & Learning Support Assistant - Suzanne Smith


  Midday Supervisor Assistant - Zoe Sproga


  Office Manager - Sara Eaves


  Administration Assistant - Clare Phypers


  Administration Assistant - Babs Culling


  Cook Manager - Karen Anthony


  Assistant Cook - Carla Bell




2018/2019 We are currently advertising for some teaching assistants to work in KS2, closing date Monday 19th November  - please see the Teach in Herts website.