21st November 2018

Dear Parents and Carers,


As you may be aware, due to staff changes we had to reduce the number of places in Night Owls for this current academic year from 24 to 16. I am very pleased to inform you that the recruitment process for staff for after school club has been successful, and we are now able to increase the number of places back to 24.


We have taken into account the feedback from parents regarding the new system, and although ideally we would give plenty of notice for any changes in availability, we are also aware that a number of parents are desperate for places in Night Owls on particular days. With this in mind, we are increasing the places each day in Night Owls to 24 tomorrow, 22nd November, as near to 10.00am as possible.  This will enable parents to have time over the weekend to make bookings for next week onwards.


You may also be aware that at the moment the last part of the summer term 2019 (Monday 15th July onwards) is not yet available for booking places in Early Birds and Night Owls as when the new system originally went live it could only be set up for 12 months in advance.  We will be updating both the Early Birds and Nights Owls booking systems on Tuesday 8th January 2019 at lunch time so that bookings can be made from Monday 15th July to Tuesday 23rd July 2019.  This is over 7 weeks’ notice which should allow parents time to budget and to check their childcare requirements before the system is updated.


We will update parents during the spring term regarding when the booking system will become live for places from September 2019 onwards, and again following feedback we will give as much notice as we possibly can to allow parents to budget for this and check their childcare needs.


Yours sincerely,



Head Teacher


Early Birds and Night Owls




Breakfast club & after school club 

Please note that the system for booking and paying for Early Birds and Night Owls will be changing from the Autumn Term 2018, please see below for all the information regarding the booking and payment process.



As you may be aware, parents may pay on-line for extended provision through SchoolGateway, which can be accessed via our school website. At the moment the booking side is handled through the school office, from 16th July onwards ALL bookings for Early Birds and/or Night Owls from September 2018 onwards can only be booked through SchoolGateway. This will give parents the facility to book at the weekend or during school holidays rather than having to stick to the office opening times, you will also be able to log on and see instant availability for upcoming weeks.


You may book as many sessions as required at anytime, payment must be made at the time of booking. If payment is not made, then the booking will not be complete and you will not have reserved your child’s space in Early Birds or Night Owls. If you would like to pay with childcare vouchers then we must receive these from you in advance of your booking so that we can credit your account and therefore allow you to book as payment will be credited to your account. It may be the case that for the first term in September you will have to pay online as we must have time to process your vouchers and credit them to your account, we cannot accept responsibility if places are not available due to the childcare vouchers being delayed.


Any bookings must be made at least 72 hours before, in order for registers and food arrangements to be completed. We will not be able to accept last minute bookings due to staffing levels and the new system. Any changes or cancellations will need to be made via the school office , you can contact us via phone or email ( Changes or cancellations made outside 5 working days can be credited back to your account.


Any outstanding balances from the Summer Term will be added to your account and need to be cleared before any new bookings can be made. We will no longer be offering a sibling discount in Early Birds or Night Owls, but we will however be keeping the cost of the sessions the same for the new academic year. So Early Birds will remain at £4 per session from 7.45-8.45. Night Owls will remain at £5 from 3.15-4.30pm, and £8 from 3.15-6pm.


Due to staffing levels we have had to reduce the amount of places available in Night Owls each day, vacancies in Night Owls have been advertised for several months but we are still currently in the recruitment process for the positions available. Bookings will be a first come first served basis and you are responsible for booking your child’s space in Early Birds and Night Owls. Once again bookings will only be confirmed once your have completed the payment step on the online booking system. Please note that current spaces in Early Birds and Night Owls will not ‘role over’ from the previous term, and it is your responsibility to make the booking and reserve your child’s place.


If you click on the link for SchoolGateway at the bottom of our Priors Wood Website page ( and use the club option to book your child’s space. You can also download the app to your mobile from your app store.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the new club booking system.



Early Birds & Night Owls Behaviour Policy

Extended Provision Home School Agreement

Golden Rules

Information Booklet


Letter to Parents & Carers November 2017



The school runs a Breakfast Club and After School Club managed by members of our own staff, both are led by Mrs Jeni Trupia and assisted by other members of school staff.

Early Birds

Early Birds runs from 7.45-8.50 a.m. every morning. Breakfast typically includes toast, cereal and milk, yoghurt, fruit and a drink, and would be available from 7.45 until 8.15 a.m. The current charge is £4.00 for each session. If you will have more than one child attending the cost for the second child is £3.50.

Night Owls

Night Owls runs each afternoon straight after school. Children can either stay until 4.30pm (£5) or until 6pm (£8). There is a discount of 50p for siblings.

For both Early Birds and Night Owls children are able to take part in various activities including outdoor play in a safe and restricted-access area, use of computers and games and other planned activities.

The clubs are run on a tight budget so you need to book and pay for your children each half term in advance. Details for booking, registering and making payment can be obtained from the office staff.

 From 3rd November all casual bookings and changes to existing bookings for both Night Owls and Early Birds should be emailed directly to  Emails will be checked daily Monday to Friday a member of the office staff will confirm your place by return email.  (Please note that emails are not monitored over weekends or holidays).  Please note we require a mimimum of 24 hours' notiice for new or casual bookings to ensure that sufficient staff are available and that food is ordered accordingly.

If your child is booked in to Night Owls to 6pm please remember that they MUST be collected by that time. If, in exceptional circumstances, you are delayed please make sure you have an alternative emergency contact to collect your child by 6pm on your behalf.  In those circumstances please contact Night Owls staff on the school mobile number (07928 832 615) to advise them. If children are collected after 6pm we will have to make an additional charge of £5.00 per 10 minutes (or part of) that you are late.

Absence or changes notified at least one week in advance will be credited, however changes to bookings or absences with less than a week's notice will have to be paid for as staff will have been booked and food ordered.


The out of office hours number for Early Birds & Night Owls is 0792 883 2615.  Please use this number if you need to contact Mrs Trupia and her team when Early Birds & Night Owls are in progress.